I teach courses in environmental engineering, aquatic chemistry and biogeochemistry. The following are a brief summary and syllabi for my classes:

Aquatic Chemistry (CIE 653)

This is an advanced graduate class in understanding aquatic chemical systems through thermodynamic chemical equilibrium calculations. The theory and principles of stoichiometry and chemical thermodynamics are discussed, including non-ideal effects. Acid-base, precipitation-dissolution, aqueous coordination and oxidation-reduction reactions are discussed by solving chemical equilibrium problems. Chemical equilibrium software is used and applied in the solution of problems.

Biogeochemistry (CIE 457 657)

This graduate class involves the study of the transport and cycling of major elements in environmental systems. The role of human disturbance in element cycles is emphasized, particularly under changing climate. The class includes video lectures and class room discussion of the topics in the lectures. The class initially includes background material on the causes and effects of climate change, biogeochemical processes of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, and methods used for biogeochemical study. The second half focuses on the biogeochemistry of major elements: carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, metallic cations and mercury, and the interaction of these elements. The class involves interpretation, and oral and written presentations of biogeochemical data by students.

Field class in Hydrologic and Biogeochemical methods (CIE 700)

This field methods class was largely organized for the benefit of students in the EMPOWER program#EMPOWER  It was be taught (August 2020) at the Hubbard Brook Research Forest, NH and in central NY. Plans are underway to teach the class in Rwanda 2022.

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