PnET-BGC Model

PnET-BGC is an integrated model developed to simulate the hydrology and biogeochemical processes of forest and aquatic ecosystems. It allows for the simultaneous simulation of energy, water and major elements cycles in forest and interconnected aquatic ecosystems. The interaction of the processes in soil, vegetation, water and atmosphere determines the ultimate chemical characteristics of surface waters because solutes are cycled through the forest vegetation and soil before emerging as runoff (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Conceptual model of the biogeochemical model PnET-BGC.

The current version of PnET-BGC includes a pre- and post-processing and a documentation of the model with the associated equations. More information regarding the model can be found in the following list of publications PnET-BGC Articles.

In order to run the following models, you will need Microsoft Visual C++

PnET-BGC General (non-CO2) Download

PnET-BGC (CO2 Fertilization) Download

Tutorial for PnET-BGC

We welcome collaborations. For further information, please contact:

Charles Driscoll at

Groups in which we are currently collaborating are:

  • Julian Aherne – Trent University
  • John Campbell – USDA Forest Service
  • Hideaki Shibata – Hokkaido University

PnET-BGC seminar and workshop

PnET benchmarking at Hubbard Brook presentation